Lorin Ashton – Client

My name is Lorin Ashton, and I am writing this letter in wholehearted recommendation of Jessica Forrester. I run a multi-media, internationally-touring act [The Bassnectar Project] that relies heavily on internet marketing.

Jess wrote to me in August of 2007 interested in marketing and promotional work. I wasn’t hiring, and I wasn’t really looking for help – until I read her letter, which pitched a lot of great ideas and looked at the project in a way I had wanted my team to look at it for years. She looked at Bassnectar as a brand, and wanted to expand our use of Web 2.0 and better brand us through our multi-channel media outlets to create an integrated marketing campaign.

Jessica wrote out a complete analysis of our project as a brand. She detailed a constructive redefinition of our mission, the message we hoped to convey through our music and media, who exactly our audience was and who we wanted it to be, and thus defined a consistent image we could then extend across many forms of media and communication. She has a critical eye when methods aren’t meeting goals, and offers her criticisms with new solutions. Jess was truly instrumental in taking our project to a new level.

Jessica was able to help us better craft our message to gain more receptive ears.  She pointed out what she believed was a flaw in my methods, advocating inclusive and constructive outreach over my usual angry political rants and tirades. Jess was all about spreading a message of activism, but convinced me to swing it to the positive end.  “Rather than scaring them into action,” she said, “inspire them to join a movement for a better world.”

Jess has strong insight as a businesswoman and endless creativity as a marketer. She was an effective team member in the planning process for our web forum: Bassnetwork, and she effectively inspires her street teams both in person and online as a manager. She can be relied on for anything, I trust her with everything, and we’re glad to call her part of our team.

Please contact me if you have any questions

Lorin Ashton, Internationally-Touring Artist
The Bassnectar Project