Gregory Maly – Client

This letter gives my full and enthusiastic recommendation for Jessica Forrester, who I’ve hired for various freelance projects since August 2008.  I’ve worked with Jessica in my role as a band manager and sound producer.

Jessica continues to impress me in four big ways. First, she’s organized and efficient, great at laying out goals, rallying the troops, and getting things done. Second, she’s extremely creative when it comes to everything from tactics to problem-solving. Third, she is an incredible writer, and can churn out the fresh, quirky messaging music-promotion requires with ridiculous speed. Fourth, she’s a great communicator and collaborator, which makes working with her both stress-free and fun.

I manage a band called Basshound. They’re from Baltimore, MD, but southwest Virginia is without a doubt their best market. This is in no small part due to the effort Jess put into writing fun press releases for local newspapers and radio, connecting bandmates with the Collegiate Times for interviews, and best of all- launching creative guerilla marketing tactics on Facebook I’d never seen used before to encourage everyone to get out to the show.

Jess wrote the copy for our advertisement in Relix: The Magazine for Music, and the band liked the text so much that they used it to replace the biography on the homepage of their website,  She really has a way with words. Aside from our paid projects, I have been lucky to have had her guidance and revisions for everything from business correspondence to Facebook event descriptions.

Jess is my go-to gal for anything related to web marketing or the written word, and I seek her counsel often in regard to each of these areas of expertise. I am certain her talents would be of benefit to anyone lucky enough to work with her. Let me know if I can add to this recommendation in any way.

Gregory Maly, Talent Management & Sound Production