Robert Hsu – Student Volunteer

In her role as Youth Mobilization Manager for the Web, Jess was the Project Manager for all web content related to the empowerME Movement for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. She recruited me and a few other Youth Advisory Board members to help support and expand the empowerME brand online. Jess is responsible for the vastly improved online presence of the empowerME Movement. Due to her leadership, the website became more professional-looking; more interactive with videos, pictures, and personal journals from teens; and more publicized. Jess worked diligently with myself and other Youth Advisory Board members at our meetings to find out what ways we responded best to the internet and technology and to help us develop our story-telling skills on the web. Teaching a group of 25 kids from ages 8-18 must be challenging, but Jess found ways to keep us all interested and make sure we were all learning. She also really seemed interested in our feedback, making it easy for us to open up to her and share ideas. Even the 8 year olds were taken seriously! Jess is warm, empathetic, and compassionate; she gives great hugs! With careful planning and lots of insight from the kids, Jess launched the empowerME Facebook page. Jess did not just merely launch the page; she made sure there was a method to sustain it. She had a few Youth Advisory Board members regularly update the status in order to continue engaging our Facebook fans, and she worked with us to brainstorm ideas to draw more fans. The page has gained over 100 fans a month! Jess has also supported myself and other Youth Advisory Board members to increase attendance to empowerME events, to produce videos, and to maintain personal blogs related to health and activism. As a person, Jess is very warm, empathetic, and compassionate; I will never forget the great hugs she gave me when we said goodbye at our meetings. I have had an awesome time working with Jess, and I continue to call her for advice. I hope we’ll get to work together at this level again!

Robert Hsu, Youth Advisory Board
Alliance for a Healthier Generation